B's Knees - 9" - British Khaki

$65.00 Sale: $48.00

What you need to know

If you’ve put on a pair of BONOBOS pants, then there’s a more than decent chance you’ve already become acquainted with our wildly popular line of washed chinos. Indeed, these cotton twill chromatic beauties are the foundation of BONOBOS itself – our perennial bestsellers, hands down. So it seems only logical that when warm weather presents itself, be it over a Caribbean vacation or a summer in the city, we’re going to offer a shorter version of the old favorites; an option that shows a little more knee. Which is exactly what we’re doing. So get ready for something so awesome, it almost transcends conventional lexicon. Get ready for the B’s Knees.

The B’s Knees include all the great fit, playful liners, and world-class fabric you’ve come to expect from our colorful line of washed chinos, but foreshortened into an amazing pair of . . . well, shorts. Want something cool to wear on a tropical cruise? Need something stylish to sport at a garden party? Searching for something to last you through all of spring and summer? Look no further, because we’ve got just the thing for you. We’ve got the B’s Knees.

The B's Knees feature:

- Super soft 3x1 peached cotton twill fabric

- Sturdy cotton pocketing

- A top-quality slide-snap closure

- Fun pattern lining

- Playful back pocket "peaking" details

Playful back pocket "peaking" details
100% peached cotton twill fabric
9" inseam
Pre-washed. Wash with like colors in cold water. Tumble dry low.
Sturdy cotton pocketing

Customer Reviews

Short shorts

Not sure if these are a different style/cut or just shorter than last year's shorts, but they expose a bit more thigh. Need another inch and they would be perfect. From Bonobos: These have a 9" inseam like most of the shorts we made last year. We did have a few patterned / plaid styles that were 10". For most guys these should fall just above the knee. Sorry these didn't work out for you.

My new favorite shorts

Great fitting and looks great too. I love the snap-on clasp instead of a button or metal rivet. And the peek-a-boo fabric on the back pocket is another treat. I am now looking to buy another pair.


These are the best pair of shorts I've ever owned. I grew up on the coast and have worn countless pairs of shorts. I'm 5'11, 175 and wear 32's. I have no butt whatsoever (ha!). These fit perfect out of the box. Not baggy at all and they stop right over my knee. The feel is soft yet sturdy. Slightly more fitted than your average short which is exactly what I was looking for. I'm constantly looking for a reason to wear these. Loved them so much I got the navy and grey ones also. Make a purchase! Trust me!


Color and fit were not as expected. Fit : baggier in the leg than my other B's Knees shorts (last year's model). Color: Darker than my British khaki chinos. These are not brown and not khaki. They're just something strange and hard to pair shirts with. Maybe I just got a bum pair.

My "go-to" shorts

I desperately needed a new pair of shorts this summer and went with these Bs Knees. They'll be my go-to shorts this summer since they will pretty much go with anything and they look great right out of the box. Sure, they're a little shorter than other shorts out there on the market at other stores, but this is the style for dudes that want to look cool and sophisticated at the same time. Also, shorter shorts are a little cooler temperature wise anyway. They are a little darker than traditional khaki so just expect that. The color is fine, though. The pocket accents are very nice and subtle. The biggest con is that they are a little more expensive than shorts you may buy other places, but the fit is great and the quality is very nice. Also, I went one size larger than what I wear in the game day chinos, FWIW. I hope to expand to some of the other colors in the near future.


I only buy on sale -- that's true of any location. FINALLY a pair of tan shorts on sale in my size. And another 30% off the sale price was sweet, too. They arrived on Friday. I wore them all weekend -- except for Date Night and Sunday Church. As soon as I got home from work, they are on again. Wow! I had not ordered the washed chinos before. I have stuck with the Travel Jeans. I just may need to order a pair of these in a 30 inseam, versus the 9 inch shorts inseam. When it snows, I won't get to wear these sweet shorts.