Straight Leg

The Blue Jean - Broken-in Medium Wash


What you need to know

Bonobos began by taking the classic chino and making it even better. Now we've taken that magic formula and applied it to denim. Featuring the same unique curved waistband as our famous Washed Chinos, and heritage Cone Denim® with a hint of stretch for comfort and style, The Blue Jean just might be the best-fitting denim you've worn in your life. It’s stylish, sturdy, and available in a host of versatile washes we perfected over time – in short, it’s the go-to jean that every guy needs in his wardrobe, and that’s destined to become an all-time favorite.

Single distressed white signature rivet, authentic Bonobos shank, sailcloth inspired pocketing
White Oak® Cone Denim®, 99% cotton 1% stretch for comfort and style
Medium rise, with some magic in the seat to be comfortable but not frumpy
Bonobos signature curved waistband
Machine wash cold with like colors and hang dry. Color transfer may occur.
Broken-in Medium Wash
Straight Leg - Detailed and finished by hand

Customer Reviews


First the "slim shop" happened, now this. Unfortunately, the "best fitting pants" for real guys has gone the way of designer nonsense. If you buy these jeans, get them at LEAST one, if not two sizes up from whatever Bonobos you've ordered in the past. I have three pairs of Bonobos jeans that fit... these were like squeezing into spandex four sizes too small. "Regular guys" beware. Bonobos has gone skinny. Bummer. Ordered them delivered to my hotel while on a business trip hoping they'd add to my week's wardrobe. Sadly, sending them back tomorrow and going shopping for something else to wear. Disappointing. Big Bonobos fan, but I'm afraid this stuff just isn't for non-models anymore.

Initially tight, but perfect fit once broken in

I struggled with this decision of wearing 30x32s instead of 31x32s after I bought the Flatirons and they fit perfectly. I bought and returned both sizes several times b/c I couldn't decide; I like the way the 31s fit in the leg, but they were too big in the waist and butt and my girlfriend hated them. The 30s fit perfectly in the waist, but I felt like a cowboy wearing them b/c they were much slimmer than what I normally wear. I finally committed to wearing the 30s around the house and once they stretched out, they fit perfectly. They really loosened up and are a great fit. Give it some time, and you will like them too. And if all else, Bonobos has such as great return policy that it is worth trying them.

great looking jeans, solidly built

I bought a pair about 6 weeks ago and I absolutely love them- they're the only jeans I wear now, so I'm buying another couple of pairs. I'm either a 34 or 35 waist normally, though 34s can be tight in my soccer-thighs. So I got these as a 35 and they're perfect.

Not sure?

Ordered 38x34. Material quality is good. Length is good. Other than that, the fit isn't necessarily what I'm looking for I think? The waist seems two inches too big. However, the hips and especially the thighs are near skin tight. For a straight leg, these sure fit like a slim fit.

Too "Skinny".

First, I applaud Bonobos in offering a 36L size. Unfortunately these "straight" jeans are really skinny jeans. I have very long and thin legs, something like a praying mantis, and these were tight on me. Also, you know how jeans normally cover over some part of your shoes? These won't do that. Leg opening too narrow. I wish bonobos offered a slightly wider leg size, but not boot cut. I'll just sit around pantless until then.

Skinny jeans

I'm 35. I'm 6 ft. I'm 190ish lbs. I own other bonobos products including jeans. These jeans are just too tight. Way way to "skinny" for me. The review by "bummer" is right on. The quality is good. The cut is nuts. Stop forcing skinny jeans on me. And if you ask me they are shorter than the normal bonobos style. I suppose you could size up but I don't actually think that would work as the waist is sized correctly. Anyway, another in a line of Bonobos disappointments. Off topic, but I really miss Bonobos circa 2010.


I have always had luck at Bonobos (being a tall man too), and their jeans have always been perfect! But not recently. These are smaller in the waist (even though I KNOW I have not gotten bigger), and the pants are super tight. I mean, I might qualify for amateur night at the Golden Banana, but I would rather keep my junk to myself during the day.