The Shamus - Navy

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What you need to know

Sherlock Holmes, Philip Marlowe, Lew Archer, heck, even Inspector Clouseau – what do they all have in common? Honorable men, consummate professionals, inquisitive minds, perceptive detectives, they were indeed all of these things. But they also sported an item that truly set them apart: the trench coat. And while not all of our office work involves shaking down suspects and charming beautiful starlets, we still need sharp all-weather outerwear to get us from the armchair to the desk chair come Monday morning. So hardboiled or not, private eye or public defender, you’re going to look equally professional clad in the Shamus, the new trench coat from Bonobos. The Shamus is available in navy or khaki, and is made from specially treated water- repellent cotton, perfect for resisting foul play and fouler weather. Our first foray into outerwear, the Shamus features a covered front placket, a contrast under- collar, a single back vent for smooth striding, and lining through the sleeves for easy removal. It is designed to fit flatteringly over a blazer without looking boxy or losing its shape.
Covered Placket, Single Vent
Water-resistant Cotton
Dry Clean Only
Lining Through Sleeves
Contrasting Under Collar

Customer Reviews

Good in theory, fits too big

This mac-style coat looks and feels just like I'd want it to, but the small hangs like a bag over my 145 lb 5'10" frame. Sleeves hang to my knuckles and coat ends only slightly above my knees. If Bonobos made XS sizes I'm sure I would have kept it.

Near perfect fit

Bought this mac in both khaki and navy, and I'm extremely pleased with the purchase. I'm 5'9 and 155 lbs, and this coat hits spot on at mid-thigh. Like the previous review mentioned, sleeves are a tad bit long but nothing that can't be adjusted at the tailors. I got a size S, and the coat fits perfectly over blazers, chunky cardigan, etc. Design is extremely clean and quality is comparable to 500+ trenches from other designers.

"Like an ill-fitting blue lab coat"

That's what my wife said, and back it went. This coat is too big around the waist, and the collar's a bit funny. It would also be very helpful if Bonobos showed at least one picture of the coat with the collar not popped - however dashing, one can't wear the collar up at all times.

An overcoat that actually fits over my suit.

I am 5'9", 180lbs, and typically wear a traditionally cut 42S suit jacket. I have a fairly muscular body, so finding an overcoat that actually fits over a suit jacket comfortably has been challenging. I purchased this jacket in a size large, and it satisfies the main objective of the jacket - fitting over a blazer, sport coat, suit, etc. I took the coat to my tailor to take in the sides, thereby trimming the garment through the middle all the way down to the bottom seam, and I needed to shorten the sleeves. Once done with these relatively simple alterations, this jacket now fits exceptionally well. The overcoat appears to be well-made, and it easily sheds water from most rainstorms. At the sale price, it was an excellent buy.

Small fits perfectly

I was concerned after seeing a review of a 150lb, 5' 9" guy saying the small was huge - but mine arrived today and it fits great. The sleeves are maybe an inch too long when hands are at my side, but when are my hands ever at my side? I'll be holding an umbrella, briefcase etc. Can't wait to wear this out after work.