Sullivan Slim

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What you need to know

At a distance, the pattern appears almost to be subtle pinstripe. Up close, an original triple-pattern of classic Sullivan bands. And as a shirt, it’s a true original, the sort of all-purpose button-down that great wardrobes are built on. Versatile, understated, and designed for fit, the Sullivan is everything a great casual shirt should be.

We've added taper to the waist and slightly narrowed the chest for customers who prefer a trimmer fit.

Pink triple stripe
Contrast Oxford fabric in collar, cuff placket, and gusset
100% cotton poplin
Machine washable, tumble dry
Button-down collar
Slim fit - Slightly narrowed chest with a slight taper through the waist

Customer Reviews

Amazing Stripes!

This shirt is so amazing, I may order another one soon just to have a backup. First of all these stripes are WAY cooler in person. They should really put a closeup pic on here so you can see, but there's 3 very slim stripes all together in a bunch instead of a thicker stripe like their bengal or "banker" stripe shirts... It's a whole new level of awesome. From far away it looks like a pink textured stripe shirt or something, and then when closer, it's like, "POW!" The sleeves were also tiny bit longer on this shirt than some of their other slim fits like the Gramercy Squares, which I really liked. Very comfy too!