Snow Toggles

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What you need to know

This is the mother – ok, father – of all holiday sweaters. But it's also warm and snug as can be. It's perfect fort ski trips, weekend getaways, evenings by the fireplace, and yes, of course, every holiday party you can get invited to. It's egg nog-friendly and mistletoe-approved.

Wood toggle closure, traditional Scandinavian-inspired design
100% Lambswool. We suggest dry cleaning.
Accommodating through the shoulders and chest. Designed with a slight taper through the waist for a trim yet comfortable fit.

Customer Reviews

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$168 for a novelty sweater? Are you out of your minds?

This sweater rules

This sweater is awesome. The price is fitting for the quality. It fits perfect, looks perfect, and will be my go-to Christmas sweater for decades worth of holidays to come. Real stoked I found this early enough to wear throughout the holidays this year.