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America's Fit Story

We traveled all over the country in search of men who are finding their fit in the world. We wanted to find stories that made us think, that inspired us, and that made us want to learn more. In Washington D.C., we chatted up a former refugee building computer games that promote peace (for real). In Michigan we met a man who co-founded a thriving business built on nothing but table legs. On the West Coast, we found a chef with a wildly popular Japanese sandwich shop that’s been named the best new restaurant in the country by people who ought to know. In Colorado, we watched a paraplegic athlete scale a rock-climbing wall like it was nothing. All of these stories are unique, but have one thing in common: they’re about finding a fit in the world. Meet the rest of the men from America’s Fit Story below.

Andy Ruiz Jr.

World Heavyweight Champion

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Andy Ruiz Jr.
Andy Ruiz Jr.