The right fit will make an impression.
Your shirt is the first thing people notice, and the last thing you want to get wrong when it comes to fit. That's why ours are cut and stitched to look great on a range of builds and body types. This is how we do it:
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A closer fit through the chest
Our shirts are snug but not constricting, for a fit that's sleek and comfortable.
Accommodating in the shoulders
At the end of the day, a shirt should be functional. We make sure ours offer room to move.
A slight taper in the waist
Our shirts are never blousy. We've cut out the extra fabric for a leaner, more natural fit.
A slimmer cut in the sleeves
The last thing you want are "wizard sleeves." Ours are trim, crisp, and professional.
A Shirt For Every Guy
Guys come in different shapes and sizes, and so do our shirts. We have options in Standard, Slim, and Slim Tailored. You'll find your perfect fit right here.
We designed this fit for more average builds. It's not boxy like most shirts out there, but it's not too slim, either, with only a taper through the waist.
We narrowed the chest and added a slight taper through the waist for those who have a more slender build, or prefer a snugger fit.
The trimmest fit we offer, this is perfect for those looking for a more tailored and tapered look.
Three Collar Options
Classic, conservative and wholly American.
A polished, confident balance. The go-to collar for most guys.
Continental by design. A higher collar. A bit more edge.
Size Charts
Neck and Sleeve
Neck Size14.5/1515.51616.51717.5
Sleeve Options*3233, 3433, 34, 3535, 3635, 3635, 36
* At this time, we only offer the sleeve options listed under each neck size. For example, we do not have a 15.5" neck and 32" sleeve.
Should I change sizes when ordering slim or standard? What about tailored slim?
We recommend keeping the same size when switching between Slim and Standard. The difference between the two is a personal preference on fit. Slim Fit has a more tailored look, where Standard Fit has slightly more room. All of our fits are much less boxy than most retailers.
Slim Fit is 1" narrower in the chest and 2" slimmer through the waist than Standard Fit. Tailored Slim is 1" narrower in the chest and 2.5" slimmer through the waist than Slim Fit.
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