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Woodland Alpaca Blend Crew
The softness of alpaca, in a bold seasonal pattern. Great for ski trips, holiday parties, weekdays, weekends...pretty much everything.
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The Banff Jacket
Every guy needs a jacket he can wear everyday, with anything. The Banff is a classic style that fits the bill.
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French Corders
French-milled corduroy. American construction. These 5-pocket cords are the best of the best, and come in pretty much any color he'll want.
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Suffolk Scarf
A cashmere scarf is a great way to give him luxury he'll wear every day. There's literally nothing softer.
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Hudson Brushed Twill Shirts
These shirts are soft like his favorite flannel, but they can be worn like a dressier shirt. The best of both worlds, you might say.
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Kitimat Alpaca Blend Cardigan
Our modern take on a traditional style, this sweater is sturdy enough for the great outdoors, but soft and comfortable enough to wear by the fire.
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Eastland for Bonobos Boots
We partnered with Eastland to make a one-of-a-kind navy leather boot that any red-blooded American man would love.
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Fireside Flannel Lined Chinos
The fit and style of our signature chinos, but lined in flannel so they're as warm and comfy as pajamas.
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Castlerock Cashmere Hoodie
Ok, so you never liked that old red hooded sweatshirt he's had since junior high. So help him out with this cashmere wonder. He'll never touch Ol' Red again.
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The Capstone Cashmere Blazer
You heard right - this blazer is made entirely from cashmere. If you want him to look like a million bucks, this jacket is the way to go.
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Buffalo Flannel
Men love flannel. Always have, always will. We've updated the classic work shirt with bold colors and a more tailored fit.
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Daily Grind Dress Shirt
Getting up for work is hard enough. Help make the getting dressed part easy with this wrinkle-free dress shirt. Less morning ironing, more morning coffee.
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The Nottingham Blazer
Fancy a spot of English-milled tweed? When he sees this blazer, he most definitely will. The Shetland wool is exceedingly warm, and the tailored fit is spot on.
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Yorkshire Merino Sweaters
We like to think of these sweaters as winter tees. They're soft, comfy, and he can't have too many of them. Basically, they make looking good look easy.
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Rhodes Collar Oxfords
If you're at a loss, trust us on this: every guy can use a good Oxford shirt. It's the one shirt that pairs with everything. He couldn't screw this up if he tried.
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The Blue Jean
Guys all have that one favorite pair of dependable jeans. With their American-milled denim and hint of stretch for comfort, these are destined to become his next pair.
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Townsend Sweatpants
There's no reason to be embarrassed about his old sweatpants any longer. These are made from luxurious French Terry, and they have a tailored construction designed to be worn outside the house.
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Shipman Alpaca Blend Shawl
Everyone needs that one comfortable sweater you can throw on at the drop of a hat. And this alpaca blend sweater is made to be super soft and fit like a charm.
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The Winter Mack Jacket
Rain, sleet, snow - there's a lot of it ahead. This mack has a removable liner, for a little extra warmth when he needs it.
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The Palmetto Pant by Maide
A gentleman can always use a little help on the course. Ok, maybe quite a bit of help. But with these sleek golf pants, at the very least he'll look like a pro.
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Something for the ladies.
Visit AYR to find better-fitting denim and clothing for her.
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The gift that keeps on fitting.
He'll be sure to find something he loves with a Bonobos gift card.
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