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Celebrate Every Kind of Family

For many of us, the notion of family and being a family man has grown into something more. There’s the conventional idea, of course, but there’s also the family you choose. It could be made up of anybody — friends, colleagues, teammates, drinking buddies, or bridge partners, as long as they’ve got your back. There are many ways to be a family man, and each of them fit.

We’re proud to support them all this season.

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Bobby & Matt

Long Haulers

“You go through the good times and the bad times, and we’ve definitely gone through those things together”

When we ask Bobby Graham and Matthew Marden what makes a relationship happy and what makes it last, Matthew laughs and says, “Compromise! Compromise! Compromise!” Bobby jokes, “I want to say laughing, but that’s not always it.”

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Alex & Sydney

Father Daughter Dance

“Family to me is loving, compassion, understanding, taking care of each other, and making sure that everyone’s well.”

To Alex Corporan, his daughter Sydney is not just a queen, but the queen. Seeing them in person, it’s clear they’re built to take on the world together — cat ears included.

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Man wearing Cashmere Blend Mock Neck Sweater

Firehouse Fam

“We’ve got to trust each other with our lives. I can trust every single person here with my life on any job — small, big, I know they’re going to be there.”

If you willingly ran into burning buildings to save others, you’d want to do it with a team who would keep an eye out for you, right? Of course you would. The guys of Engine 229/Ladder 146 in Brooklyn feel the same way.

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Rothman & Coss

Brotherly Love

“Mike schooled me on a lot of shit.”

Five years after Michael Rothman mentored Coss Marte upon his release from prison, they consider themselves brothers. And with Rothman’s help, Marte’s fitness empire that’s staffed by other former inmates is a booming success.

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& Bonobos Give Back

This year, to help support family men, we’ve partnered with GOOD+ Foundation and Career Gear. From now until December 31, we’ll be collecting new toys and books, and gently-used professional clothing at all of our Guideshop locations. Toys and books will be distributed to low-income families by GOOD+ Foundation, while the professional clothing will be given to men in poverty as a means to help them get back on their feet.

Any customers who participate in either of these programs will be eligible to receive $20 off their next pair of pants purchased at a Guideshop location.

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