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Grenson Dylan Wingtip


Grenson Dylan Leather Wing Tip Shoe
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What you need to know

Grenson was born in 1866 as William Green & Son and soon became known for consistency of craftsmanship and materials. The ‘Grenson’ identity was formed in the 1930s and was one of the first brand names to be registered in the UK. With Goodyear welted production at the heart of the Grenson business, the company also introduced the Grens-In Sole to provide soft underfoot flexibility. Innovation in construction, design and materials has kept Grenson modern while retaining the heritage and craftsmanship that confirms Grenson as one of England’s master shoemakers since 1866.

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  • Calf Grain Leather. Leather upper and sole.
  • Single leather sole and scarlet insole with Grenson Crest. Made in the United Kingdom. Grenson sizing can be a bit tricky - check out our guide & get it right the first time.

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