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Party Circuit

Editorial photo for Formal Up Top, Chill Down Below category

Formal Up Top, Chill Down Below

Give the tux pants a break every now and then. Sub them out for a pair of dark jeans that fit you like a glove. (Bonus points for selvage denim.)
Premium Stretch Jeans
Premium Stretch Jeans

Atchison Medium Wash

Jacket Required

Everyone should have that one blazer that bides its time until it can steal the show. This is that one blazer. Don't hide its shine in a closet.
Travel Jeans

Manhattan Midnight

Big and Bold

Not sure if you've noticed, but it's sweater weather outside. So give a new one its day in the sun the next time you go out. A little color gets as much attention as a blazer.

Lose the Jacket, Keep the Shirt

Updating your party wardrobe doesn’t have to mean buying a new blazer or suit. Go sans coat by adding a formal shirt with an informal pattern — it'll add a little heat while being less stuffy.

Bombers Away

Always remember that bombers and blazers are interchangeable, depending on the occasion. A nice velvet classes up the whole joint.

Summer in Winter

Winter has a lot of things going for it, but there's nothing wrong with reminding everybody that summer is never far out of mind.

Keep it Chill