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Editorial photo for Chinos & Jeans category

Chinos & Jeans

When wearing shorts isn’t an option: wear pants that breathe. (Not literally.)
Editorial photo for Shorts & Swim category

Shorts & Swim

Free those legs. Free them like winter may never come.
Editorial photo for Casual Shirts category

Casual Shirts

Roll up the sleeves or don’t, these shirts are light enough to wear them both ways.
Editorial photo for Short Sleeve Shirts category

Short Sleeve Shirts

You’ve found the summer shirt mother lode. Might as well get a bunch.
Editorial photo for Tees & Henleys category

Tees & Henleys

Your everyday essentials, summer-ized for even the hottest days.
Editorial photo for Limited-Edition Shirt Jacket category

Limited-Edition Shirt Jacket

Around these parts, a fan of seersucker is born every minute. The breeziness, the texture — it’s simply the perfect summer fabric.
Editorial photo for Lightweight Button-Down Shirt category

Lightweight Button-Down Shirt

Want to get the most out of summer while sipping on that mojito? Mix your seersucker with some tropical prints. They make for a refreshing cocktail.
Editorial photo for Lightweight Italian Seersucker Suit category

Lightweight Italian Seersucker Suit

Before the arrival of air-conditioning, seersucker suits were every gentleman’s saving grace. Today, they still work wonders when you’re always off to the races. (Or at the races.)
Editorial photo for Stretch Wool Dress Pants category

Stretch Wool Dress Pants

Think seersucker only comes in cotton? This breathable wool blend lets you wear classic trousers all season. Bonus: the shirt is Summer Friday-approved.