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Black-tie isn't black-tie without . . . well, you know. We have all the accessories you need to complete your tux.

15 Items
15 Items

How are you going to attend a black tie event without a black tie? That's right, you can't! Tuxedos are all about subtleties, materials and working within the confines of the traditional color schemes. Here you'll find all of our black tie accessories that will serve as the cherry on top of your favorite tuxedo or men's suit.

First off, you'll need to pick your necktie. We have silk neckties, silk bowties and satin bowties available in blue, black and even white. A black satin bowtie looks great with a tuxedo because it's got some shine to it. If you want to have some fun, you can also pick a polka dot bowtie with a matching pocket square.

Whatever color of tie you choose, you'll need to pick a matching pocket square. So if you go with a white silk bowtie, pick a white silk pocket square because different materials give off different levels of reflection and texture.