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The video pans from left to right in a photo studio, showing 172 men of various body shapes, races, ages, and identities, facing in different directions, all wearing Bonobos clothing.
However You Fit

Fit for Every Man

With an unprecedented number of sizes and styles, Bonobos is committed to fit for every man. That belief goes beyond better-fitting pants, as we celebrate men across a spectrum of body shape, race, age, and identity.

Blue pants

Our Fit Story

The Curved Waistband

Our signature curved waistband matches the natural shape of your waist. No more bunched waistbands or baggy seats.

A Medium, Flattering Rise

Traditionally, European cuts have a rise that's too high, and American cuts hang down too low. Our rise is right in the middle and just right.

A Trimmer Cut Through the Thigh

Most pants out there have a lot more fabric than guys really need. We cut our pants for a fit that's trim but still accommodating.