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Belts are a key accessory for both function and style, and that goes double when you're trying to dress up. Have you ever seen somebody wearing a shirt tucked in without a belt? Yuck! You can't be that guy. Dressing up is a meticulous task and every accent counts. The good news is you only really need one good dress belt (two if you want color choices). A good dress belt is either black or brown, 1-1.5" wide and has thin, soft, sleek leather with a smaller, finished buckle.

How to pick a dress belt: The first thing you need to look at when picking out a belt is your shoes! Always match your leathers, and match your metals. If you have a silver watch and brown, polished leather shoes, then you should get a brown polished dress belt with a silver buckle. If you have black matte dress shoes, then get a black matte dress belt. If you don't already have a pair of dress shoes, head over to that category and pick some out.