Bedford Pant

A versatile 5-pocket alternative to denim with Italian-milled cotton, 3% stretch, and subtle texture.

Available in up to 4 fits: Slim, Tailored, Athletic and Straight

  1. Bedford Pant
  2. Bedford Pant
  3. Bedford Pant
  4. Bedford Pant
  5. Bedford Pant

Travel Jean

The comfort of stretch in a full range of colors. If you need a break from chinos, or more colorful denim, Travel Jeans are for you.

Available in up to 4 fits: Slim, Tailored, Athletic, and Straight.

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  1. Travel Jean
    Manhattan Midnight
  2. Travel Jean
    Portland Navy
  3. Travel Jean
    Austin Asphalt
  4. Travel Jean
    La Grey
  5. Travel Jean
    Savannah Khaki
  6. Travel Jean
    South Beach White