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Casual Pants

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Flannel Lined 5-Pocket Pants

Even the coldest winters shouldn't keep your jeans in storage. With cozy flannel lining, you can show your love for classic denim all season.
Available in 3 fits: Slim, Athletic and Straight

Tech 5-Pocket Pants

These pants are true multi-hyphenates: They stretch, they wick away moisture, they stand up to spills, they do everything you expect modern 5-pocket pants to do. And, spoiler alert, they're technically 6-pocket pants—the last one's a hidden spot for your phone. Who doesn't love bonus features?
Available in 3 fits: Tailored, Slim, and Athletic

Tech E-Waist Pants

A good pair of e-waist pants should be comfortable. That's a given. But now we've taken that comfort and added extra performance, thanks to breathable, moisture-wicking, liquid-repelling fabric. When you don't have to worry about staying clean, dry, and cool, that's the definition of comfort.