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Casual Pants

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Canvas Workwear Pants

Let's put your pants to work. Designed with classic and dependable work pants in mind, these are made with durable canvas and comfortable stretch, so you can get down to business and feel great at the same time.
Available in up to 4 fits: Tailored, Slim, Athletic, and Straight

Tech 5-Pocket Pants

These pants are true multi-hyphenates: They stretch, they wick away moisture, they stand up to spills, they do everything you expect modern 5-pocket pants to do. And, spoiler alert, they're technically 6-pocket pants—the last one's a hidden spot for your phone. Who doesn't love bonus features?
Available in 3 fits: Tailored, Slim, and Athletic

Tech E-Waist Pants

A good pair of e-waist pants should be comfortable. That's a given. But now we've taken that comfort and added extra performance, thanks to breathable, moisture-wicking, liquid-repelling fabric. When you don't have to worry about staying clean, dry, and cool, that's the definition of comfort.