Casual Shirts

Linen Shirts

Thanks to its looser weave and natural drape, linen allows air to circulate. We wash ours to be extra soft, and offer it in a range of colors and fits.

Available in Tailored, Slim and Standard.

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  1. Indigo-Linen Button Down
    Dark Blue
  2. Indigo-Linen Button Down
    Indigo Stripe
  3. Indigo-Linen Button Down
    Medium Wash

Shirt Jackets

Doesn’t matter if you’re gathering friends or firewood, this is the layer to throw on before you go out.

Available in up to 2 fits: Slim and Standard

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  1. The Shirt Jacket
    Navy Cotton Herringbone
  2. The Shirt Jacket
    Navy Nylon
  3. The Shirt Jacket
    Olive Nylon
  4. The Overshirt
    Blue Jacquard