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Golf Shorts

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Highland Tour Golf Shorts

The same perfect fit as our Highland Golf Shorts, now with innovative new features for peak performance. And with a UPF 50 rating for excellent sun protection, you can confidently wear them any time the weather heats up.

Highland Golf Shorts

Everything you love about our Highland Golf Pants, now available in shorts for the warmer parts of the year. And with a UPF 50 rating for excellent sun protection, you can wear them all season long.
Available in up to 2 inseams: 8" and 10"

Highland Lightweight Golf Shorts

Our most popular golf shorts, now in a lightweight fabric. Wear them on the course, in the clubhouse, and around town.

Every guy wants to look like a real pro on the golf course, even if his game is a bit amateur (practice makes perfect, team). So no matter what level your game is, if you put on our men’s golf clothes, you’ll at least look like you’re at the top of the leaderboard. It starts with a better fit, and it finishes with performance features that up your game. And when the weather heats up, you can trade off your better-fitting golf pants for their lighter counterparts — a great pair of men’s golf shorts. Ours come in a streamlined fit with up to 2 inseam options: 8” for an above-the-knee length, and 10” for an at-the-knee look. And with a vast range of colors ready for both the driving range and clubhouse, you can do more than just wear khaki. Playing on hotter-than-normal day? The fabric comes with a UPF 50 rating for excellent sun protection. And the bonus features don’t stop there: we have shirt-gripping waistbands and interior pockets for phones/scorecards. So…ready to improve your short game? Go with the best men’s golf shorts on and off the course. Ventilation when you need it most.