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67 Items

Unconstructed Italian Blazers

A lighter, more comfortable way to look sharp. Made from European-milled fabrics, tailored to a clean and flattering fit.
Available in up to 3 fits: Slim, Standard, and Athletic

Jetsetter Stretch Blazers

For the man on the go, this is your blazer. A hint of stretch makes it extra comfortable, and allows it to keep its razor-sharp silhouette. And there's a passport pocket—which comes in handy for all that jetsetting.
Available in up to 3 fits: Slim, Standard, and Athletic
Jetsetter Stretch Wool Blazer

Middleton Bright Blue Windowpane

Italian Performance Wool Blazers

It's easy to feel like a secret agent when you always look sharp and ready for anything. This smart Italian wool resists liquids, wrinkles, and stains, so you'll never look shaken or stirred.
Available in up to 3 fits: Slim, Standard, and Athletic

Italian Knit Blazers

Look sophisticated without feeling stuffy. Made from the finest knit fabrics, these well-fitted blazers feature zero bulk and exemplary tailoring.

Limited-Edition Blazers

For anyone in search of the right blazer for the right occasion. These original designs come with the Bonobos fit you love and a style all their own.

Capstone Tuxedo Blazers

Weddings, black-tie events, charity balls, international espionage—when you need to look your absolute best, these capstone blazers are ready and waiting.
Available in up to 2 fits: Slim and Standard
Capstone Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

Jude Velvet Blue Floral Shawl Collar

Capstone Italian Wool Tuxedo Jacket

Waylon Navy Jacquard Double Breasted

You don’t need a formal invitation to put on a premium tailored blazer or sport coat. Every new day is an opportunity to look sharp and well-dressed, so carpe the ol’ diem, gents. Let’s get you one of the best blazers for men in the sartorial game. Our collection of well-fitted blazers has an option for every guy, no matter his schedule or style. Need things to be super formal? The Capstone Blazer is cut from fine Italian wool and cashmere and crafted to a luxurious finish. If the atmosphere is more casual, trim the bulk (and some stuffiness) with an Unconstructed Blazer — they’re lighter and easy to throw on with just about anything (especially great denim). And while quality is key, a perfect fit is just as vital — choose from Slim Fit, Standard Fit, and Athletic Fit. Finally, let’s focus on the little things, like the Jetsetter Stretch Blazer’s hidden passport pocket (perfect for, you know, jetsetters), or the Tech Blazer’s liquid-repellant, moisture-wicking, machine-washable fabric. These things add up. And they add up to an incredible men’s blazer. Put on some great pants, button up a nice shirt, then top it off with a blazer. Man, you’re going to look great.