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    Stretch Washed Chinos

    Your everyday chino. For work, play, everything.
    Available in Tailored, Slim, Athletic, and Straight Fits.

    Flannel Lined Chinos

    Our warmest pants — well-fitted chinos with toasty flannel inside so you can show your love for this classic style all season.
    Available in up to 4 fits: Tailored, Slim, Athletic, and Straight fits.

    Stretch Organic Cotton Chinos

    Your weekend chino. Always up for a good time.
    Available in Skinny, Tailored, Slim, and Athletic Fits.

    Italian Twill Stretch Chinos

    A cleaned-up design in soft cotton weighted for cooler seasons & climates.
    Available in Tailored, Slim, and Athletic Fits.

    Tech Chinos

    Your performance chino. Wicks sweat and repels liquids.
    Available in Tailored, Slim, and Athletic Fits.

    Extended Sizes Chinos

    A lot of people think Chinos and Khakis are one and the same. We're here to tell you that the world of Chinos is like Pandora's Box. In order to navigate this world, you're going to need some help from the godfather of Chino Pants - Bonobos. There's 3 primary variables to the Chinos world: Style, Color and Fit. Starting with Style, the cornerstone product is our Stretch Washed Chinos. These are comfortable, durable and available in the most color options. We've also got Tech Chinos for hot weather, Organic Cotton Chinos that are made from eco-friendly cotton and other materials. Flannel Lined Chinos for the winter cold, Twill Chinos for a fresh texture, and Lightweight Chinos for the summer time. Find your favorite chinos, mix and match some colors and dial in your fit right here.